When you notice and “own” your unique value and strengths, you get results that you couldn’t before.


We help you focus on what will have the biggest impact on your performance, results, and career.

As I reflect back on key points in my career as a management consultant and an executive at Deloitte Consulting, I remember all the demands on my time. My fast-paced, competitive work environment was nonstop. I knew I needed some different strategies to work in a way that was sustainable and keep progressing in my career. Now, with over two decades of experience helping leaders develop business strategies, implement large-scale changes, navigate through challenging leadership situations, and  make tough business decisions, I am crystal clear about the key strategies that consistently get results.

Life is busy and our small-steps-lead-to-big-results approach makes it easy to get started and keep going.

I often work with high performers who have done very well in their careers, but have hit a roadblock to getting to the next level. The changes they need to make may feel too big or hard to make or they just don’t know what to do. On top of that, life is packed with personal and professional demands. They just don’t have much time.

With all of that, I know that when the approach to leadership development is practical, manageable, and fits your authentic style, you are much more likely to take action. I’m a huge believer in the philosophy of “small steps lead to big results” to the point that it is embedded in the design of every product, program, and service we offer. In a matter of minutes, you will walk away with strategies that you can immediately implement.

Over 75% of our clients get promoted within 12-18 months of our work together and we have been recognized with more than ten awards.

When I launched Newberry Executive Solutions right before the economy tanked in 2008, I couldn’t have imagined what was ahead. 

  • Rave reviews from Fortune 500 clients such as AT&T, PepsiCo, Shell, and Sysco and organizations like the United Way and the George W. Bush Presidential Center  

  • Over ten awards for our products, services, and company

  • Over fifty features in major media, like CBS, Fortune and various Business Journals

I’m excited about the positive ripple effect we are creating through our work in the corporate world and by serving on boards of nonprofit organizations.


I want to help you start getting better results now.

That’s why I started writing THE EDGE years ago.

This blog is all about raising your awareness, giving you insight and helping you take action. It’s full of small steps that lead to big results, to help you get results you couldn’t before and give you the edge you need. It will help you navigate the challenges of the business world while building your leadership skills.

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