Executive Coaching Programs

“Getting results matters—but, in the long run, how you get them matters even more. We know how to help you get results and strengthen relationships.” –NN


Sometimes talent and experience just aren’t enough to get to the next level, especially in a fast-paced, demanding work environment. Leaders often need new tools and strategies.  Our proven leadership system amplifies the leader’s authentic leadership style and strengths to deliver results they couldn’t get before—in a way that is sustainable.

Coaching is designed to take an individual from insight to action to sustainable change. For this reason, individual coaching engagements start at six months but can also extend to nine or twelve months. For group coaching, we tailor the duration based on the needs.

Leadership Assessments and Leadership Insight Sessions℠

“Assessments accelerate your self-awareness and help you prioritize your development needs.” – NN 


We offer a range of assessments that provide valuable insight into working styles, preferences, strengths, and potential barriers to success. After completing the assessment(s), the individual leader participates in a two-hour Leadership Insight Session, to review key themes, strengths, and development areas, and develop next steps.

Leverage the power of assessments to improve team effectiveness by integrating them into a team-building session, workshop or retreat.

For maximum impact, supplement the assessments with 360° interviews, a workshop, and/or coaching.

360° Interviews
Use 360° interviews to provide leaders with more specific, actionable feedback and engage feedback providers in the leaders’ long-term success.

Assessment Tools
We are certified to administer and interpret a variety of tools:

Leadership Breakthrough Session

“With these customized sessions, you quickly gain insight and develop strategies to break through the challenges in front of you.” –NN

By dedicating only a half or a full-day to a Leadership Breakthrough Session℠, leaders can accelerate their progress toward meeting key goals and overcoming tough challenges — a true breakthrough.

Laura Freeland

Vice President Finance, Transplace

“The type of person who would work best with Neena is someone who’s serious about achieving their best results possible.”

First 90 Days in a New Role
Hit the ground running in a new or expanded role.

Career Transition 
Figure out what’s next for your career. Clarify your passion, strengths, and how to get started on making a transition.