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“Over the years I’ve been approached by the media for advice on business stories related to my expertise and experience. I’ve made over 50 appearances on CBS, ABC, Fox, Fortune and others.” –NN


Fox News
Neena is asked the professional women’s perspective on Under Armour’s controversial TV spot that went viral.



Neena’s thoughts about what Microsoft’s CEO said about women asking for raises.



Neena discusses her views on businesswomen achieving work/life balance.

Neena Newberry, president of Newberry Executive Solutions, says women should think about what they want to be known for. “If someone were to describe you, what are the top three things you’d want them to say?” she explains. “Regardless of the rules, figure out who you want to be and bring it to life in language and appearance.”



In this interview, Neena tells Fortune, “Regardless of the rules, figure out who you want to be and bring it to life in language and appearance.”


Dallas Business Journal

Neena’s multi-cultural background has given her a perspective on openness and empathy in the workplace, and about an all-too-common situation: Don’t be afraid to ask for a raise.

Newberry, a leadership expert with Newberry Solutions, says in today’s workplace, few people are offered sizable raises unless they negotiate it. The idea that hard work equals more money and that solid performance will result in better pay is outdated, she says. “Even if a manager wants to be a person who notices good work and gives people credit for it, it’s hard in a dynamic work environment with so many things competing for a manager’s attention.” Newberry tells the high-level women she coaches, “sitting around and waiting for good karma to come is a tough way to get more of what you want.”


The Miami Herald

In this column, Neena discusses how negotiating skills are key to getting sizable raises in pay.

Media Releases

“The awards we have received aren’t about recognition. They tell me that our passion, innovation, and results are truly making a difference—and that gets me excited!” –NN