We help you really step into your strengths and own your value to get even better results.


We “get” what it takes to be successful, from years of firsthand business and leadership experience.

I have worked with Fortune 500 companies for over twenty-five years helping leaders navigate through challenging situations, make tough business decisions, and take their leadership skills to the next level.  

At key points in my career, as a management consultant and as an executive, I remember being overwhelmed by personal and professional demands on my time. I worked in a fast-paced, competitive environment. Although I already had my MBA and had attended years of high quality training programs over my fourteen years at Deloitte Consulting, I knew I needed different strategies to get to the next level.

Our mantra is “small steps can lead to big results.”

Although I learned valuable concepts in training, like most people, I had difficulty translating them into what I needed to do differently on the job. Some of the changes felt too big or hard to make, or I just didn’t know how to make them. I needed simple, practical, and impactful strategies that fit my authentic personality and style.

When I started my own business, I realized how important it was to break things down, to help people consistently take small steps that lead to big results. It’s a core principle in the design of all of our products, programs, and services. In as little as five minutes, we give you valuable content and actionable strategies that you can immediately implement, from what you might say or do in your next meeting to how to develop critical long-term relationships. More importantly, the approach is tied to your unique leadership style.

We know that executive coaching doesn’t fit everyone’s budget, so we also developed other high-impact programs and products to help you move past roadblocks, build the skills you need, and get recognized for the value you bring.

Our clients are getting results beyond what I imagined.

When I launched Newberry Executive Solutions, three months before the economy tanked in 2008, I couldn’t have imagined the upcoming journey or the results we would get. 

  • Over 75% of our clients have been promoted within 12-18 months after our work together

  • We get rave reviews from Fortune 500 clients such as AT&T, PepsiCo, Shell, and Sysco and organizations like the United Way and the George W. Bush Presidential Center  

  • Our products, services, and company have been recognized with more than ten awards

  • Our expertise has been featured in the media over fifty times

  • Through our dedication to volunteer work and leadership roles in the community, we are affecting lasting change

But most of all, we are creating a ripple effect by helping you get results you couldn’t before and helping you build that same capability in your teams.