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Show Up. Step Up. Step Out.

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Give Neena Newberry five minutes, and she’ll show you a new way to become a better leader. Then she’ll show you another one. And another one. That’s because each chapter of Newberry’s book — Show Up. Step Up. Step Out. Leadership Through a New Lens — takes less than five minutes to read. And each chapter identifies a proven strategy to help leaders take their business results and careers to the next level.

Foreword by Colleen Barrett, President Emeritus, Southwest Airlines

Testimonial- Larissa Rodriguez shares the value of the book Show Up. Step Up. Step Out
“I have been reading and benefitting from Neena’s writing for years. She gets to the point fast and always offers something that gets me thinking. Any busy working professional would appreciate the format of this book because it is so practical, and she makes it easy to take action. This isn’t your typical business book.”

— Sandra Carson, Vice President, Sysco

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