What Leadership Levers Do You Need to Pull?

This week, I would like you to take a few minutes to assess yourself against the Ten Leadership Levers below. Each of these can dramatically impact your performance. So, take two minutes to see how you’re doing.

Leadership Lever Self-Assessment

1 (Low) – 10 (High)

1. I focus on the “right work” (the 3-4 areas that will drive the biggest results)

2. I consistently reinforce my leadership brand

3. I proactively manage my energy to stay productive each day and avoid burnout

4. I clarify my intentions so others know how to interpret my actions

5. I invest time each month to network/build stronger relationships

6. I track my accomplishments so I can easily share them with others

7. I tastefully toot my own horn in a way that is relevant to others and fits who I am

8. I connect my ideas and suggestions to the bigger picture

9. I make it easy for my advocates/sponsors to help, by sharing the information they need

10. I communicate clearly and concisely by starting with the headlines and sharing details as needed

As you read through the levers above, what did you notice? Remember, that this is just as much about noticing what you’re doing well and putting that into play even more as it is about identifying the opportunities for improvement. I urge you to identify one area that you’d like to focus on and come up with an action step that you can take this week. Remember that small steps can lead to big results.