Are You Accelerating Results through Purpose, Presence, and Power?

I get asked time and again about how I help high performing leaders get even better results. Despite each client’s specific goals, I always coach them on three things: Purpose, Presence, and Power, because it consistently takes their performance and leadership to new heights. So, today I want to explain the 3 P’s so you can put them more powerfully into play for yourself.


Purpose begins with clarity about two things - what will drive the biggest business results and the highest and best use of your talent and skills. This is what I like to call doing the “Right Work.” When was the last time you really thought about this?

This goes beyond reviewing your performance goals, to reading between the lines to understand what really matters and gets recognized and rewarded in your company. Once you have defined the Right Work, you can be much more deliberate and strategic about where you invest your time.

Purpose also involves making clear linkages between your actions and your intent. For example, someone may observe your actions and draw a conclusion far from what you intended because of their own perspective. So by consistently communicating your intent, you can minimize misunderstandings.

Finally, Purpose means understanding what matters to you personally and professionally (e.g., values, lifestyle, etc.) and setting boundaries to help you honor that.


Presence is all about how you “show up.” Begin by clarifying your leadership brand, the three things you want others to know about you (e.g., what differentiates you, how you add value, your strengths). Then map out what each element of your brand would look or sound like so you can reinforce it in what you say and do.

As you might expect, communication plays a huge role in Presence, so pay attention to how much you:

  • Focus on the big picture vs. the details

  • Speak up or hold back in sharing your ideas

  • Consistently and tastefully self-promote so that others understand the value you bring

Remember that all of the items above impact how others view your leadership and capabilities. So wherever you go, show up with clear goals in mind: how you will reinforce your brand, clarify your intent, strengthen a relationship, or work towards a desired outcome.


The first aspect of Power entails understanding how things “really get done around here.” This requires uncovering and paying attention to unwritten rules, formal and informal leaders, and what motivates people. Power also involves securing resources and support to get your work done. You can do this by expanding your sphere of influence through two strategies: building your visibility and credibility, and building a strong network of powerful advocates.

Now that you’ve been exposed to the three P’s, how do you want to put them into play? As a first step, consider defining the Right Work or clarifying your desired leadership brand. Once you have a clear picture of what will drive results or what you want others to know about you, you will make much more deliberate, strategic choices. Just don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to tackle the three P’s all at once. Get started with one or two small steps. You know I’m a firm believer that small steps can lead to big results.

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