How Do You Define Success?


When was the last time you stopped to clarify what success looks like for you? Although it’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of life, take a minute to read and answer the following questions.

1. If you had to write a one-sentence description of success, what would it say?

Writing a personal definition of success can propel you forward by leaps and bounds. The key is to think about the most important elements and remember that this sentence is for YOU, to guide you as you move forward. This definition of success should take a holistic view. Consider sharing it with others as a way to help them understand what influences your choices.

2. How would you measure it?

Come up with three measures of success to help you realize when you have achieved it. High performers can be really good at taking action but don't always recognize when they have accomplished their goals, since new ones quickly take their place. Your measures should reflect what’s important to you personally and professionally. For example, one may be the number of hours of quality time you spend with your family each week.

Take a few minutes to answer the questions above or even ask others how they define success. Just having it top of mind will get your wheels turning. I urge you to take just one step to get more clarity. Remember that small steps can lead to big results.


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