Progress Check Against the 3 P's

Through my work with leaders over the years, I have found that focusing on the 3 P's: Purpose, Presence, and Power can significantly affect their ability to impact the business and their careers. This is why we integrate the 3 P's into all of our services and products. So, today, check to see how you are doing relative to the 3 P's.

1. Purpose

How clearly have you defined the three areas where you can make the biggest impact in your role (i.e., the Big 3)? How consistently do you spend your time on the Big 3?

2. Presence

How consistently are you "showing up?" In other words, do your communication and actions clearly help others understand the three things most important to you as a leader? What type of energy are you giving off? Are you draining or energizing others?

3. Power

How effectively and authentically are you building and leveraging the power of your network to get better results for the business and for your career?

From this progress check, choose one area to focus on. If you were unclear about your Purpose, start there because it will affect how you think about your Presence and Power. Define one small step you will take this week and remember that small steps can lead to big results.


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