Forge Ahead


This week, I’d like to express my gratitude to my father who played a big role in making me the person I am today.  He lost his battle with pulmonary fibrosis this Tuesday night after a difficult ten days. One of the most important lessons I learned from him was to never give up in the face of challenges that seemed insurmountable. Although he may not have fully realized it, throughout his life his actions taught me to always look for a solution first.   I saw him step forward with courage making big decisions that changed our lives forever.  He may have expressed more than his fair share of frustration about the circumstances at hand, but at the end of the day he was willing to make tough choices with the unwavering strength and support of my mother.

With my father showing me that he could do whatever he put his mind to, and my mother constantly telling me that I could as well; I have been armed with an amazing gift – one that allows me to forge ahead no matter what, and to believe that I can.

This week, in honor of my father, I want to challenge you to think about two things. First, consider the messages you send to others on a daily basis – whether it’s to your loved ones or co-workers. I assure you they are watching and learning. Remember you are always in the invisible spotlight.  You have so much to offer, so be purposeful about sharing the best of who you are.  Really think about how you want to show up in every interaction. Second, the next time you find yourself complaining over and over about a particular situation, challenge yourself to step out and do something different – perhaps something bold – to address it. One person does have the ability to make a big difference, one small step at a time…so forge ahead.