How Do You Influence Others?

As leaders, we depend on the ability to influence those around us to garner support, drive organizational changes, and execute on our day-to-day responsibilities. If you’ve been feeling less than influential lately, start by evaluating your approach. The Center for Creative Leadership identifies three tactics for influencing: Head, Heart and Hand.

  • Head – a logical appeal focused on organization and individual benefits and typically full of data and facts

  • Heart – an emotional appeal linked to something the person cares about such as individual goals and values

  • Hand – a cooperative appeal that offers collaboration, consultation, and alliances

First, identify which approach typically influences you.  Then consider which one you typically rely on to influence others.  They are often one in the same. Remember that persuasive leaders can skillfully use all three methods and select the approach most effective for the audience at hand.

By consistently matching your influence style to the individual, you will see people shift from resistance or compliance to true commitment – which can generate results with less effort.

This week, strategically consider what approach will resonate with the next person you want to influence, based on what you know about him or her. This small step can affect whether or not your message is heard or any action is taken on your behalf.