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In honor of Read Tuesday, get a FREE Kindle version of my new book: Show Up. Step Up. Step Out. Leadership Through a New Lens endorsed by Colleen Barrett, president emeritus of Southwest Airlines

 “I think Neena hit a home run with this book, and I hope you will enjoy looking through her ‘new lens.’”

From 20+ years of corporate experience, I noticed that people do not always see the opportunities in front of them, put what they know into play, or consistently focus on what really gets results.  This book will help you do just that.

In five short minutes, I’ll show you a new way to become a better leader. Then I’ll show you another one. And another one. That’s because each chapter of my book takes less than five minutes to read.  And each chapter identifies a proven strategy to help leaders – men and women – take their business results and careers to the next level.  Focus on one chapter each week to start accelerating your performance and results.

This book will help you look through a new lens at three critical areas:

  • Show Up clarifies what you want others to understand about your leadership and where you can have the biggest impact.

  • Step Up focuses on uncovering blind spots, getting past roadblocks, and creating strategies to improve your effectiveness.

  • Step Out recognizes your power to build a strong network of support and to help others step up.

Start using this practical resource to accelerate your results and impact.

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