Four Practices That Work for Me


As I coach clients, I ask them lots of questions to help them perform at their best. One question we’ve been addressing lately is “What really worked for you in 2013?” Knowing what helps you be effective and leads you to success is critical. Too many times, we go from one thing to the next without pausing to note what works for us. For that reason, I took some time to answer that question myself, and I wanted to share my answers with you.

Make passion a priority One thing that worked for me in 2013 was focusing more on what I’m most passionate about. In my case, that’s giving people access to resources and tools to help them be successful. I’ve learned to focus on what has heart and meaning for me and let that be my guide.

Outsource when you can For the things that aren’t in my areas of passion, I’ve learned to get as much help as possible from other resources. This helps me shift time and attention away from less-critical areas to my priorities.

Get the right help For key areas, it’s vital to have the right team, with the right expertise, in place. This may take some trial-and-error.

Let go I still set the bar pretty high, but I’m learning how to keep the big picture in mind. Not everything will get done perfectly or in the exact way I would have wanted. But that’s OK as long as my main priorities are handled in the way they need to be. There are things that need to be knocked out of the park and things that are just nice to have. And it’s important to know the difference.

This week, I challenge you take time to consider what worked for you in 2013. Even spending just a few minutes on this exercise can be powerful. The more you learn about what works for you, the more you can put it into play.