Working with Millennials…and Everyone Else


Millennials are all around us. These young, enthusiastic Generation-Y professionals are gaining a foothold in the workplace and the world. Born in the early 1980s, these workers have been viewed across a broad spectrum from adaptable and skilled multitaskers to lazy, entitled and unmanageable job hoppers. Media outlets touting “30 under 30” and “The Young Entrepreneurs” are feeding the stereotype. A recent study by Cornerstone OnDemand focused on three generations' views of workplace technology. The State of Workplace Productivity study shared some interesting insights…as well as misconceptions about the working preferences of younger versus older workers.

The Cornerstone study revealed that millennials  prefer in-person team work and are pro-gadget, but also may be hitting their tech limit. "Gen-Y workers, whom we have largely pigeonholed as having an insatiable appetite for technology, are expressing both a desire for more human, face-to-face interaction and frustration with information and technology overload," said Jason Corsello of Cornerstone OnDemand, which released its survey in November 2013.

So how do you work with – and for – them? In my book Show Up. Step Up. Step Out., one of the chapters offer four practical strategies on creating a high performing team (among a host of other strategies to boost your effectiveness). Check it out to see if these easy-to-implement tips can help you reach your goals.