Focus on What Gives You Energy – Donna Epps, Partner at Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP

As part of our Texas Women in Business sponsorship on WBAP/KLIF, we asked Donna Epps to share her insights.  Donna is a partner in the Deloitte Forensic practice of Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP, the national leader of the Anti-Fraud Consulting group, and Co-Leader of Deloitte’s Governance, Risk and Compliance practice.

When it comes to navigating a complex and dynamic business world, Donna understands the importance of focus and energy.  During her more than 26 years in public accounting and professional services, she has audited public and private companies, and has led examinations of regulatory compliance at the state and federal level for certain communications companies. She has worked with the management of multinational public companies in complex, multiyear restatements of financial statements. She has also provided merger and acquisition-related services, and dispute services, particularly in the areas of purchase price and other accounting-related disputes. Donna also assists clients in corporate investigations, with a focus on SEC and accounting-related matters.

In her current role, Donna focuses on helping companies develop and implement proactive enterprise risk and compliance programs. With a focus on value protection and creation, these programs incorporate strategic, operational, compliance and financial risk.

Donna shared her thoughts on success and the future of women in business. I hope these comments resonate with you as well.

Q. What has contributed to your successful career?

I have been lucky to have several mentors and sponsors throughout my career who have provided guidance and support. Throughout my various roles, these people have greatly contributed to any success I’ve had so far. Don’t underestimate the importance of having the right people in your corner to help you.

Q.  What advice would you give to women who are looking to make their mark in business? 

Women should focus on the things that give them energy and make them want to get to work every day.  Knowing that some of these areas may not play to her strengths, she should build her team to complement her skills and experience.  She should also consider working for organizations that will invest in her development, providing strong training programs throughout her career.  Finally, women need support, in their personal and professional environments, to bring the right balance as needed. This will help them maintain energy over time.

Q. How does the future look for women leaders?

The outlook for women in business is strong, with many current opportunities for women. Keep your focus, find energy every day and seek out firms that are invested in your future.

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