Be Bold – Be Unique: Lisa Amoroso, Senior Director, Diversity and Inclusion, Frito-Lay North America

During April, we continue to focus on what makes each of us unique. As part of our Texas Women in Business sponsorship on WBAP/KLIF, we asked Lisa Amoroso to share what has really helped her get traction in her career. Lisa is the senior director of diversity and inclusion for Frito-Lay North America. She joined Frito-Lay in 2003 as a supply chain manager and has continued to advance in the company. One of the things I appreciate about Lisa is her boundless energy – her spark. She brings it to every role and task. During the years that I have known her, she has always been willing to push the envelope to do the right thing, and has gotten a lot done with limited resources.  Here are a few nuggets from her interview:

Q: What has contributed to success in your career?

A: There are four key competencies that have benefited me the most in my career.

  1. Agility: The ability to flex to cultures, work approaches and people’s style and to shift priorities

  2. Relationships: Building a comprehensive network and leveraging it effectively

  3. Execution: Being clear on the outcome and delivering it

  4. Perseverance: Pushing through adversity

Q: How does the future look for women leaders in business?

A: I believe the future is brighter than ever before. Companies are more aware of how critical women are to business outcomes, so they are working on becoming more attractive to women. For example, at Frito-Lay, our leaders have engaged our associates in cultural changes that will drive a more inclusive environment where women can thrive.

Q: What advice would you give to women who are looking to make their mark in business?

A: Three things come to mind.

1.  Find the place where you can excel. Each of us has strengths and passions, so figure out what role will allow you to leverage your strengths the majority of the time. I was fortunate to find a company early in my career that allowed me to explore different roles to discover those that I am passionate about.

2.  Don’t doubt yourself.  Stop the negative inner voice and exude inner and outer confidence.

3.  Don’t sacrifice anything you believe in – especially your values and family.

Lisa has her sights clearly set, and definitely leverages her passion and energy to achieve her goals. To help you keep your passion in the forefront, check out the chapter, “Keep Your Passion Front and Center”, in my book Show Up. Step Up. Step Out.  available on Amazon.

Photo Credit: Lisa Amoroso