Lead by Helping Others Grow


We're talking this month about what kind of leader you are. One of the leadership qualities that will help you succeed is the ability to develop others.  

Creating growth opportunities, though, can be easy to overlook in our rush to get things done. Take a look at the list below. Identify the strategies you already leverage well today and one or two that you would like to start doing to help others develop.

  1. Ask people about their passions, interests and the type of opportunities they seek.

  2. Give others opportunities to be the external face of the organization, such as with a professional association or community group.

  3. Invite others to meetings that will give them exposure to senior leaders or raise their visibility.

  4. Introduce people to others who can help them achieve their career goals.

  5. Share a colleague’s accomplishments so that others can tap into their strengths, and to give them more visibility.

  6. Give feedback in the moment on what your team members do well and suggestions about how to be even more effective.

  7. Delegate work with a team member's professional development in mind.

  8. Ask someone to deliver a presentation to share their knowledge and raise their profile.

  9. Give an opportunity for a rotation or a special assignment (beyond a stretch project).

  10. Give a team member an opportunity to provide peer mentoring.

What did you notice about how you're creating growth opportunities for others? I challenge you to put at least one of these ideas into play more powerfully this week. For more ideas on creating a high-performing team, check out my book Show Up. Step Up. Step Out. Leadership Through A New Lens.