Are You Ready to Invest in Your Own Leadership Development?



I’m always amazed at what high performers get done from day to day and week to week. In the flurry of it all, I typically find that they invest so much time and energy on business results and working with others but very little in themselves. If this sounds like you, when was the last time you stopped to think about your professional growth and investing in your leadership development?

Remember that we all need a little TLC. Let Valentine's Day remind you of the power of giving yourself what you need to thrive. As you think about the next six months, what would help you take your leadership up a notch? How are you investing in yourself? Remember that the solutions can be really simple. If you haven’t thought about this in a while, consider the following:

Engage the right people to help you. Whether it’s surrounding yourself with the right mentors or engaging an executive coach, think about who could really help you think and play bigger. I truly believe in the power of executive coaching. I don’t just “talk the talk” — I even work with a coach on my own leadership development and it has paid off exponentially. If you don't know how coaching works, check out these resources to learn more.

Carve out time and space. I offer my clients Leadership Breakthrough SessionsSM to clarify their goals and develop strategies at crucial times, such as the first 90 days in a new job or as they position themselves for the next level. This year, I carved out time for my own Breakthrough Session to set clear business goals and develop a plan for the year. And on a daily basis, I make time for a gratitude practice, where I take 5-10 minutes to notice what I am grateful for and what I am accomplishing. It helps me stay motivated and notice what’s working.

Add tools to your toolkit. I’m constantly thinking about how to help leaders get results in dynamic, time-pressured environments. If you're looking for simple tools and programs to build your own success, check out our online store. As I consider what’s next for Newberry Executive Solutions, I'll be leveraging some new tools myself as I aim to take my business to the next level in reach and impact.

This week, I encourage you to take a step to nurture yourself and your success as a Valentine's Day gift to yourself. Even a small step to support your leadership development can open the door for big results.