How to Stay Committed to Any Goal

Did you try the life wheel exercise we talked about in last week's blog post?

Using what you learned from the wheel, you've probably been setting some goals related to areas you'd like change in your life.

Setting a goal is only the first step, though. To keep moving toward your goals, you've got to feel emotionally connected to them.


That's why I take my executive coaching clients through exercises to help them visualize achieving their goals, and feel what it would be like.Getting a taste of those satisfying emotions can help them push toward what they want to achieve even when things get tough. Having detailed goals has been linked to future success. You can try something similar with any goal you are working toward right now. I want you envision, in as much detail as you can, what your future will be like after you've achieved your goal. To get started, answer the questions below. You can write down the answers or talk them through with a coach or someone else you trust.

  • What is happening in your life now that you've achieved this goal? This could range from where you work to what you do outside of work.

  • What do you spend your time doing? Think about what a typical workday and weekend looks like for you in this future, especially the most enjoyable parts.

  • Who is part of this future? Visualize your colleagues or clients, and other important relationships.

  • What's going on with your family in this future? Picture how you spend time together and what's changed about your relationships with them.

  • What's different about your life after achieving this goal? Imagine even the smallest details from your commute to your work environment.

  • How do you feel after achieving this goal vs. how you feel today? Think about any differences in your stress level, energy, and happiness and how that impacts your life.

I just recently did this exercise with one of my clients who was ready to make a career change. Let’s call her Michelle. In the future she envisioned, Michelle saw a life that fit more closely with her priorities, one that allowed her to pursue her passion at work without sacrificing her personal life. She had also transitioned from a larger organization to a smaller one that offered more freedom and flexibility. Michelle had also received additional certifications to further build her expertise and credibility in her field. But most importantly, she felt more energized and excited, and so much “lighter” knowing that she was doing the right thing for her career and her family.

In my WOWWomen On the Way to Peak Performance ProgramSM, I take you through the process of defining concrete goals and overcoming the roadblocks that may prevent you from achieving them. This week, I encourage you to answer the questions in this post or to get started with the WOW! ProgramSM if you’re ready to dive deeper. You'll find that the time you invest will pay off. We’ll help you use what you learn in this visioning exercise in my other posts this month.