Time to Boost Your Self-Awareness



When you have some down time, let me encourage you to use that time to check in and take your self-awareness up a notch. Just pausing to notice what's going on with your career and what might be holding you back in your leadership development can be the first step toward some big breakthroughs. Use these questions to stimulate some ideas.

  • What one thing do you want to be different in your life right now?

  • What's standing in the way any changes you'd like to make?

  • How is your mindset helping or getting in the way?

    • What messages are you telling yourself?

    • How much are you thinking about what could go wrong (and making yourself anxious or overwhelmed)?

  • If you could let go of one thing, so you can move forward, what would it be?

Keep these questions in mind as you go through your week and jot down your answers. In upcoming posts, I'll give you some specific tips on working through fear and overwhelm.