Shake Things Up at Work



This year I committed to taking even better care of myself. In general, I do a good job of eating right and exercising regularly. What I am still mastering is getting enough sound sleep. After a few days of that, I know I am less productive and patient — what my son and I like to call a case of the Grumpies.  

When either of us finds ourselves needing to shake off the Grumpies, we literally shake things up and start dancing. It always works. Within seconds we are laughing. When you get out of your head, engage your body and start changing your environment, things shift.

For those of you thinking this is a goofy idea, I want to remind you of multi-billionaire Tony Robbins, who integrates this into his programs. I attended one for the first time last year and was amazed that we could go for hours without breaks if we integrated these basic concepts.

I had never been to one of his conferences and am used to tame corporate events. I danced for hours at this conference. Tony is a master of engaging your mind and body to get results.

I am not suggesting that you all start dancing in the office. But just consider for a moment how you can change your environment and use your body to infuse more energy into each day. It could be a simple walk, stretching, breathing or laughing with someone. (And maybe some dancing when no one is looking?) My WOW! Highlight Audio℠ product is another easy way to get an energy boost. Listen to it on a break or in the car for a quick hit of essential strategies to advance your career.I challenge you to identify one small step you will take.  And remember that small steps lead to big results.