3 Tips for Reaching Your Goals


If you haven’t already, it’s time to look forward and get specific about what you want out of this year. If you haven’t already done so, take time this week to get started. I’ve got three quick tips to help you:  

1. Keep it simple.

How do you want to stretch yourself? Remember not to overload yourself and choose just ONE area to focus on. Whether your goal is personal or professional, make it about getting the right work done. What does that mean? The "right work" is work that makes the highest and best use of your talents and that has the biggest impact.  Keep in mind that 20 percent of your effort typically yields 80 percent of your results.

2. Define the first step.

If you bog yourself down with coming up with the entire plan to reach your goal, you’ll never get started. Start by defining the first step that you will take to move forward in achieving your goal. Taking even one simple step will start building the momentum you need to keep going.

3. Find a supporter.

Accountability is critical to sticking with your goal, so don't go it alone. Whom will you tell about your goal by the end of this week, so that person can help you stay focused on it even when things get busy or tough?

Whatever goal you set, remember you can return to this blog to find ideas and resources to keep you motivated. When you're ready to invest in yourself even more powerfully, check out our products for both individuals and organizations to keep you moving toward the results you desire. Remember, I'm cheering for you in the background (can you see me?) – and that even seemingly small steps lead to big changes.