Leave the Baggage Behind and Take the Gems with You



As we end this year, I want to leave you with two questions that I ask my clients:  

  • What do you want to leave behind from 2016?

Is there something you experienced this year that taught you about something you should steer clear of going forward? A type of situation you don’t want to find yourself in again? Or a painful but invaluable lesson that you learned?

  • What do you want to take forward into 2017?

Building on our last post, what enabled you to achieve the successes you did?  Of those practices, what do you want to put into play in a bigger way? What do you want to teach others, so that you can have a bigger ripple effect? What kind of work motivates you? What kind of people?

We all have important lessons from this year. Take a few minutes to remember them, and make a conscious decision to take them into 2017.