4 Key Strategies to Prepare for the Changes Ahead



We never know exactly what's ahead. But I can tell you a couple of things for certain: First, you'll deal with change in some form in your job this year. But you can still have an impact no matter how much changes if you follow these four strategies.  1. Acknowledge Your Emotions

The key to managing through change is managing yourself. If the changes you're going through stir up strong emotions, you may think you just need to "suck it up" and soldier on. But that's not the most effective strategy.

Instead, take a timeout and ask yourself “What am I feeling?" Find a safe way to let it all out, uncensored. It’s OK to feel how you feel! Acknowledging and naming your emotions, whatever they are, helps you process them and move forward.

2. Analyze Your Stories

It's also helpful to notice what stories you're telling yourself about this change. For example, maybe you've created a story that your boss doesn't care about you because she hasn't reassured you about a restructuring at your office.

The next step is looking the evidence to better understand your stories and whether they're accurate. When you step back a little, you might realize that your boss hasn't been as supportive as she usually is just because she's overwhelmed.

Taking this time to work through your emotions and examine your perceptions should give you a greater sense of control about how you handle the changes in your workplace.

3. Keep Your Energy Up

When you're in the midst of change and transition, it's more important than ever to manage your energy. If you have tasks and events on your calendar that you know will drain your energy, plan to counter them with some activities that will help you recharge.

You can also get positive energy from your connections to others. Cultivate a support system among your colleagues to lift each other up.

4. Remember What's Constant

Finally, it helps to reconnect with a key truth that we often overlook when work gets tumultuous. Even when a lot is changing, some things will remain constant. It can help to focus on those (and, if you're a leader, to help your team focus on them as well). For example, maybe your company is changing its leadership structure, but the values and priorities that drive your work remain the same.

Whatever 2017 brings for your career, I'm here to help you navigate from a place of purpose, presence and power. Our leadership development products can show you how to meet any challenge and get where you want to go as a leader faster.