Start your year with the right focus


Before you hit the ground running in 2018, let’s review three key strategies that will help you stay grounded, productive and engaged all year long. Refer back to this list once a quarter to make sure you leverage these essentials of strong leadership.

Remember Your 'Big 3'

If you make just one shift year, this is one of the most critical. Identify the top three areas where you can have the biggest impact on the business, given your strengths and your role. Then redirect your time and energy around these “Big 3” to get results faster. Remember that this may mean letting go of some less value-added work that you’ve historically spent time on.

Take Time to Reflect

One of the biggest ways to step up your game as a leader is by investing time to reflect.  Start with as little as 15 minutes per week and gradually add more. As you do, you'll see that you can contribute more strategically because you are thinking about important issues and what you can do to help the organization address them.

Tastefully Self-Promote

This is something most people underestimate the importance of. To get results as a leader, and to keep your career thriving, the right people need to be aware of your contributions and impact. Remember that most people are too busy or preoccupied to notice all the ways you add value – even if they want to. So it’s up to you to help them understand how you’re making a difference and how to best tap into your strengths and experience.

Take a moment to identify which of these three strategies you will start with in 2018. To further invest in your success, take a look at our products and services