5 Ways to Reach Your Goals in 2019


Happy 2019! As you return to work after the holiday break, I'm sure there's already a lot going on. But before you totally get back into your daily routines, I encourage you to pause and think about what you want out of the coming year. I know that goal-setting can seem overwhelming sometimes, but it doesn't have to be so complicated. Here are a few quick insights on how to achieve any goal in 2019.

1. Keep It Simple

How do you want to stretch yourself in 2019? Instead of overloading yourself, choose just one area to focus on. Concentrating on one goal at a time increases your odds of success. Whether your goal is personal or professional, make it about getting the right work done. The “right work” is work that makes the highest and best use of your talents and that has the biggest impact. 

2. Picture the Future

Now think about what it would be like to achieve this goal. Getting a taste of those satisfying emotions can help you push forward even when things get tough. Envision, in as much detail as you can, what your future will be like after you’ve achieved your goal. What is happening in your life? What do you spend your time doing? Who is part of this future? How do you feel after achieving this goal vs. how you feel today? 

3. Define the First Step

Ready to start moving toward that future? You don't have to know the entire plan for reaching your goal right now. Trying to figure out every single detail could keep you from even getting started. Instead, define the first step that you will take to move toward your goal. That step will start building the momentum you need to keep going. One "small win" leads to another!

4. Face the Fear

No matter what goal you are working toward, fear is likely to surface at some point. Fear often takes the form of negative self-talk. But it’s important to realize that this inner voice isn’t always reliable. You can talk back to it with more compassionate, realistic statements.

5. Get Support

Accountability is critical to sticking with your goal, so don’t go it alone. We all need our fans to rally around us when we go through change. Surround yourself with and ask for support from people who care about your success, from family and friends to mentors and coaches. Whom will you tell about your goal by the end of this week, so that person can help you stay focused?

And please always remember that this blog is here to support you. Throughout 2019, I'll be here with ideas and resources to keep you motivated. When you’re ready to invest in yourself even more powerfully, check out Newberry Executive Solutions' corporate programs, executive coaching and publications that can help you keep you moving toward the results you desire.