Executive Coaching

“Strong leadership skills and performance go hand-in-hand, and executive coaching accelerates both.” –NN

Typical Coaching Situations

  • Executive onboarding to accelerate transition to a new organization and/or role

  • Increasing influence and impact in an existing role

  • Delivering in high-stakes situations

  • Building skills to demonstrate readiness for the next level

Speaking & Workshops

“Choose from one-hour, half-day, or full-day presentations, workshops and webinars, or engage us to develop one tailored to your needs.” – NN 

“Here’s a sample of the popular ‘Tastefully Tooting Your Own Horn’ workshop.” –NN

Popular Topics

  • Strategically Standing Out

  • Building a Network of Powerful Advocates

  • Building Resilience

  • Communicating with Influence and Impact

  • Negotiating for What You Want

  • Making Work/Life Choices that Work

  • Coaching as a Leadership Tool

  • How to Let Go and Let Others Step Up

The New Lens® App 

“Time and budgets are tight, but companies need strong leadership skills to compete.” –NN

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New Lens® provides affordable, high-impact, on-the-job leadership development resources for employees who:

  • May not have access to executive coaching or extensive development programs 

  • Could significantly impact the organization’s business performance if they had stronger leadership skills

The content includes proven strategies we’ve used to help leaders in Fortune 500 companies get results they couldn’t before. New Lens is uniquely designed to meet this need in a way that no one has done before. For less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day, an employee can get access to strategies proven to build stronger leadership skills.

The WOW! Program

“WOW stands for Women On the Way to peak performance. This Leadership Excellence Award-winning program focuses on high impact areas that we KNOW drive performance and results for women.” –NN

WOW! Program  ℠  Leadership Excellence Awards In partnership with Sysco Corporation

WOW! Program Leadership Excellence Awards In partnership with Sysco Corporation

“Plug and Play” Facilitated Program
We developed this program from decades of experience coaching women to higher performance. This facilitated program is a great option to support a company women’s initiative.  NES can facilitate this program over six or twelve months, or deliver a “train-the-trainer” session to prepare your facilitators to do it.

Provide this self-paced option to support women individually or integrate the content into existing or new mentoring programs and learning circles. This six-module program is available 24-7 and is designed to take women from gaining insight to taking action, with strategy-packed audio recordings and a workbook that includes transcripts, hands-on exercises, and other valuable resources.

How It Works

The program helps in six critical areas tied to success for women. 

“Sysco businesswomen particularly liked the WOW Program content, and discovered that it had multiple value-adds for the participants and the organization, as well.” –NN

  1. Getting the Right Work Done   
    Identify the three critical areas that will yield the biggest results for your role and develop practical strategies to increase your capacity and refocus your time and effort. (audio sample below)

  2. Avoiding Burnout  
    Recognize the signs of burnout, establish realistic boundaries and strategies to help you work less and get more done without compromising what matters to you.

  3. Building a Network of Advocates   
    Learn how to cultivate your network to expand your influence and maximize your business impact, while achieving your goals.

  4. Boosting Your Energy and Productivity   
    Infuse energy into each day and develop strategies to minimize distractions, work efficiently, and maximize your time.

  5. Tastefully Tooting Your Own Horn   
    Learn how to provide “strategic snapshots” of your performance and tastefully toot your own horn in a way that benefits others and builds your credibility.

  6. Getting Unstuck and Moving Beyond Roadblocks   
    Move forward on important goals by recognizing what is holding you back and learning effective techniques to overcome roadblocks and take action. (audio sample below)

WOW! ProgramSample Clips

Purpose, Presence & Power Program

“This nine-month facilitated group program focuses on the three areas that consistently drive results – purpose, presence and power.”

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 5.37.29 PM.png

The program combines the benefits of a group experience with elements that support each participant’s unique needs. Over nine months, participants will learn how to build their executive presence, self-confidence, influence, and network of advocates through four facilitated half-day group sessions and five one-hour virtual meetings in between sessions. Individual coaching sessions can be added to further accelerate results.

Clarify your leadership values and principles, and work strategically on what matters most

Communicate with impact, build your visibility and credibility, and strengthen your leadership brand

Claim your power, expand your influence, and build a strong network of advocates