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“I launched Newberry Executive Solutions, after a 14-year career as a management consultant and executive with Deloitte Consulting. Working in a fast-paced, competitive environment taught me how to consistently deliver results and work in a way that is sustainable.

I know that small steps can lead to big results. I’ve seen it time and again.

I used that philosophy to build a successful business in an economic downturn and to create a high-impact portfolio of career advancement tools and resources—from workshops, publications, and an app to self-paced programs and executive coaching. Everything we offer is guaranteed to be simple, practical, and results-oriented.

I’m excited about the rave reviews from our Fortune 100 clients, multiple industry awards for our solutions, and requests from the media (including CBS, Fortune and dozens more) to share our leadership expertise.

Hundreds of clients from many of the largest and most well-respected corporations have already used our solutions to support their success, and I’m eager to help you do the same.”


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Meet Neena

“I am passionate about helping people see the value they can bring—and in a way they’ve never done it before.” –NN

Neena Newberry, MBA, PHR, PCC
I’ve spent over 25 years advising and coaching business leaders in Fortune 500 companies. Twelve years as a management consultant spanned strategy development, operations improvement, and leadership development.  In the last few years of my 14-year career at Deloitte, I served on Deloitte’s US HR Executive Committee and led performance management and career planning for 34,000 U.S. Deloitte employees. In 2008, I launched my own company.

Meet Neena

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